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López Obrador decrees that older adults go home with pay


He adds that independent of the decree he has received support from several businessmen

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he will sign a decree guaranteeing that older adults who work are allowed to go home with pay and all the benefits of the law , and thus be able to protect them in the face of the coronavirus pandemic .

"I am going to sign a decree so that in the public and private sector, older adults are granted permission, permits so that they can be at home with salary and all benefits," he said at a press conference at the National Palace. .

He added that independent of the decree he has received support from several businessmen , "the engineer (Carlos) Slim sent me to say that he will not fire anyone from his companies," said the federal president.

After he released the strategy to deal with COVID-19 , he stated that Mexicans have the strength of family solidarity that will help to face the health crisis . "This is the action that will be carried out today, with the purpose of reinforcing what has been done," he said.

"I want to conclude this conference with the following: first, to maintain that there is more of the hospital capacity, is that we Mexicans can heal in our homes, and we have something that distinguishes us in relation to other countries in the world: we have a lot of strength for the solidarity of our families, the family of Mexico is the most important social security institution, let us have no doubt about that, "he said.

The federal chief executive called for older adults to be cared for in families , and called for even more efforts to protect the elderly.

He added that this "is going to mean keeping a distance, that the grandchildren keep a distance, that they do not come close; that they seek themselves, that they have a good diet, that they eat healthy, do not eat junk products, because it is for older adults, patients with diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease and pregnant women to the vulnerable population that mostly affects the virus, "he said.

In this context, López Obrador pointed out that the resources for older adults began to be dispersed, and those who receive their cash support this week will receive it through government workers.

Google translation from Informador.

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