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Message from the Governor of the state of Jalisco. Enrique Alfaro. #ConferenciaDePrensa: #Coronavirus # COVID19 | March 23, 2020

Fifteen days ago, Jalisco made the decision to step forward and act responsibly in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. On March 12, we launched the Jalisco COVID-19 plan with a series of difficult but necessary measures. From the beginning, in this government, we decided to take a different route from the one that the government of the republic and other states of the country were taking. None of this is new; all we did was attend to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), of experts and scientists from Jalisco, Mexico, and the world.

We learned from experiences beyond our borders, from the mistakes and successes of other countries to face this situation in the best way. We knew how to give the right value to anticipation as a preventive measure, and I feel calm and proud for having taken this path.

During the last five days, following the recommendations of the University of Guadalajara, in an act of enormous civic value, millions of Jalisco residents heeded the government's call to stay home and avoid massive contagion at a crucial moment. The exercise of resistance that we have lived must make us feel deeply proud. Without the need to impose a mandatory quarantine, in Jalisco we made stewardship the strongest weapon to face the crisis. This has been the beginning, just the beginning, of an endurance race, not speed. The beginning of a path that will lead us to save lives and preserve the health of Jalisco.

To give you an idea, during these days of voluntary isolation, the demand for trips on public transport had a reduction of up to 50%, in other words, equivalent to a million trips a day that were not made. Commercial and service activity had a reduction of between 70 and 80 percent; and industrial activity, a 30% reduction.

Without a doubt, these are data that reflect the enormous economic sacrifice that these measures have represented for all, but the effort has been worthwhile. The first results of our strategy are encouraging and should serve as encouragement for us not to slow down. Let me share the following information. Five days ago, Jalisco had practically the same cases as Mexico City. Today, the results show that infections in the country's capital grew almost twice as fast as those in our state, or in other words, in Jalisco we managed to half the rate of spread of the virus compared to that of the virus in Mexico City.

Thanks to all the measures that we have taken in Jalisco and the responsibility of the people of Jalisco, today, we do not have to declare a mandatory quarantine. This is good news to start with, but it doesn't mean we can not let our guard down. On the contrary, it is time to start the next stage of the strategy and once again Jalisco needs all of us. The scientific information we have tells us that the social isolation measures we have taken in these five days have been successful, but they have to be sustained with some adjustments, at least until Sunday. If we were to slow down right now, we would spoil everything that we have advanced. Saying that these measures have to be sustained until Sunday does not mean that on Monday everything will return to normal.

It means that on Monday, we are going to make an assessment that allows us to adjust the strategy, based on new information generated by the application of massive tests to Jaliscienses. I insist the endurance race has only just begun. Having clarified that the social isolation measures are sustained, then what are the adjustments in these measures, compared to those of the last days?

First. Today the priority is for those who are over 60 years old to stay at home, pregnant women, people with chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, and people with symptoms of a respiratory disease. That is the population whose stay at home is essential.

Second. Economic activities, which, by their nature, cannot be stopped and are necessary for Jalisco to function. They have to be carried out under strict health and hygiene measures for workers, which will be supervised by the Ministry of Labor. We maintain the call for those who can do work from home to do so, but those companies that require face-to-face work must guarantee the existence of a model of shifts that privileges remote work, which guarantees support for absenteeism. the sectors of the population that we already define as the most vulnerable, as well as acting at all times with solidarity and permanent communication with their workers. Our economy cannot be stopped, but health is first.

Third. Without relaxing the isolation measures, and understanding that the supply of food and basic services cannot be stopped, we have to strengthen the consumption of our micro and small commercial units in a new exercise of solidarity. This is a call for all of us to privilege local consumption as a measure of containment to the difficult economic situation we face. If you go to the tianguis or the market, go alone, without your family, taking the appropriate hygiene measures. If you want to eat tacos, don't go to the stand with your family; make an order to go or order them through some platform. If you want to eat in a restaurant, make sure that they have the social distance and health measures that we have established as mandatory, and if they do not, demand them to accomplish them.

Fourth. After detecting the first case in a municipality outside the Guadalajara metropolitan area, imported from the USA, we call on the Jalisco community abroad to help us care for their families. Visiting Jalisco at this time, only puts those you love most at risk. Given the lack of response from the authorities for the suspension of flights from places that have virus outbreaks, we appeal to the solidarity of our countrymen abroad, particularly in the United States. You know that we love and miss you here, but at this time, it is essential that no patronal or civic holiday be a reason to put your families at risk. Please take good care of yourselves. Here we will be aware of you and your people. We will see each other again soon.

With these adjustments, Jalisco maintains the call for social isolation that until today has allowed us to face this crisis in the best way. Additionally, this evening, the operating rules of a government financial support program for micro and small businesses will be published, as well as for the population in self-employment or informal commerce. Starting Thursday, you will begin the online process to access these supports. Pay attention. We will give more information in the following hours.

Tomorrow, as well, we will start the massive virus testing program as a strategy for the prevention and early detection of the coronavirus. In Jalisco, we are not going to hide the truth, on the contrary, we will start from a real diagnosis to adjust the strategy and avoid deaths. It does not matter, if from this exercise, Jalisco appears in the statistics, in first place of detected cases. If this is so, it will be because here we are looking for our patients, finding them quickly, caring for them, isolating them and protecting the community. I am convinced that this is the correct way for each authority to assume his/her responsibility and act accordingly.

Everything is changing, and so we have to understand it. There is no time for half measures. The decisions and actions that we take together these days will define in many ways the shape that we will have in the coming years. At the end of the day, the most important measure of all is and will continue to be in the will of the people. As governor, but above all, as a jalisciense, thank you to all for the commitment we have shown. Let us continue to do our part.

#ConferenciaDePrensa: #Coronavirus # COVID19 | March 23, 2020

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