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Mexico begins phase 2 due to coronavirus; take these measurements

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced a health plan due to the transmission of COVID-19 in Mexico. The Navy and the National Army will act on this strategy.

The route to be followed in the next 40 days seeks to manage risk and ensure that every day there are fewer cases to attend with capacity.

What steps should be taken?

  • Keep a healthy distance
  • All meetings of 100 people or more are suspended.
  • Suspend work activities that involve the mobilization of people.
  • Maintain hygiene measures: washing hands with soap and water, sneezing etiquette
  • Anyone who may have symptoms stays home for 15 days. Pregnant, elderly, hypertensive patients should see a doctor immediately.

Declare the start of Phase two due to coronavirus

In Mexico there are 5 cases where it is not known where they were infected, so the government decided to start phase two, given that the usefulness of containment measures is exhausted and it is necessary to expand mitigation measures, said the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López Gatell.

"We had a slow transmission, until we reach a turning point where the contagion curve rises, in Mexico we have not yet reached the turning point and that is why it is the opportunity for Mexico to contain the contagion, the time is now and for we want to declare phase two ”.

The massive measures have a greater impact in reducing transmission, they will allow "flattening the curve" of infections, that is, having less community transmission, López Gatell considered.

Marine Plan and Plan DN-III will support against COVID-19

For their part, the head of the Ministry of National Defense and the head of the Secretary of the Navy indicated that the DN-III Plan and the Marine Plan, respectively, have already entered into force to support the coronavirus pandemic.

They indicated that they have 1,738 doctors, 1,727 nurses, 100 intensive care ambulances, 400 transfer ambulances. As well as the capacity in facilities, 5 high specialty hospitals, 36 second level hospitals, and 272 first level; the latter with 262 Health Platoons, which cover almost the entire country.

So far, 4 deaths are reported, 367 confirmed cases and 826 suspected cases.

Google translation from UntoTV.

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