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Mexico does not "hide figures" on COVID-19, responds government to NYT


The spokesman for the Presidency, Jesús Ramírez assures that the figures presented daily "are the product of the work of dozens of scientists"

The Government of Mexico assured this Friday that it "does not hide" data on deaths of COVID-19 in the country, in response to a report by The New York Times according to which the death toll in the Mexican capital is three times higher than 696 officially registered.

"The Government of Mexico does not hide information about infections or deaths from COVID-19, as some media suppose," spokesman for the Presidency, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, said on Twitter.

According to the official, the case figures that are updated daily "are the product of the work of dozens of scientists" and assured that the policy of the authorities is "open data and full transparency . "

In another message, he assured that Mexico is participating together with other countries in the development of a vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, since for the Mexican Government "health is a universal right and well-being is an objective of humanity."

The capital's government also defended itself on Twitter, ensuring that since the start of the pandemic it has coordinated with the federal government and is "informing citizens every day."

"We deny that there is a contradiction in the information and its validation is subject to scientific criteria that are updated in coordination with the scientific committees of the Government of Mexico," he said.

According to the US newspaper, while the official number dictates almost 700 deaths in the capital, "Mexico City officials have tabulated more than 2,500 deaths from the virus and serious respiratory diseases that doctors suspect are related to COVID-19 "

"The number of people who could have died from COVID -19 in Mexico City is more than three times what the federal figures show," the newspaper maintains.

The text also talks about that some capital hospitals are "overwhelmed", in which "the patients lie on the floor, lying on mattresses".

According to official data, Mexico officially registers 29,616 COVID-19 patients and two thousand 961 deaths.

However, the Government believes that the number of patients is nine times higher, since it does not apply massive tests to the population, but rather an estimation model based on the cases that arrive in some centers.

Mexico is in fact the OECD country with the fewest COVID-19 tests, with 0.4 per thousand inhabitants.

Health authorities expect this Friday to reach the peak of the pandemic across the country and that in June the non-essential economic activities that paralyzed in late March can be reactivated .

However, this Friday the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, explained that in the capital the "major phase" of infections can last until May 20.

"From now until 20 and the projection is that from there the number of infections will begin to drop and the pandemic will decrease in the case of Mexico City," he said.

Google translation from Informador.

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