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Mexico exceeds 19 thousand deaths from COVID-19, with 159 thousand 793 cases


Four thousand 930 new infections were registered in 24 hours, as well as 770 deaths, according to data from the Ministry of Health

This Wednesday, June 17, the Ministry of Health reported that there are 159,793 confirmed cases of COVID-19; in total, the number of deaths reached 19,080.

In 24 hours, 4 thousand 930 new infections were registered, as well as 770 deaths due to the coronavirus , since yesterday, Tuesday, 154 thousand 863 infections were reported, as well as 18 thousand 310 deaths.

Likewise, Dr. José Luis Alomía detailed that there are 22 thousand 209 confirmed active cases; that is, they have had symptoms in the last 14 days.

In addition, 50 thousand 076 accumulated suspicious cases, 222 thousand 801 negative cases, and 441 thousand 670 people have been studied.

Mexico registers 1,760 indigenous people with COVID-19; there are 327 deceased

As part of the social reality in Mexico is life in rural indigenous communities , and in a pandemic time, its sociocultural heterogeneity in the country is also related to a heterogeneity of risk, as stated by Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion of the Ministry of Health (Ssa), the deferral of cases by COVID-19 in the native towns.

During his participation in the ninth conference of the cycle "Food self-sufficiency and technological innovation" with the theme "How do we face the COVID-19 pandemic in rural areas and in indigenous regions?", Organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Development Rural (Sader), López-Gatell explained that from February 28 -when the first case of the pandemic was recorded in Mexico- to June 15, one thousand 760 indigenous people have been registered with this disease caused by a new type of coronavirus .

Of these cases in people with indigenous identity, 327 have died, of which 40% of deaths are related to diabetes as the main comorbidity , the same percentage with hypertension, and 27% with obesity. Regarding the active cases in indigenous patients due to COVID-19 -with symptoms onset date in the last 14 days-, 222 are confirmed.

López-Gatell specified that this categorization of indigenous patients is achieved from self-identification, or from knowledge of an indigenous language.

The largest number of deaths in indigenous and rural populations are concentrated in Yucatan, the State of Mexico, Quintana Roo, Oaxaca, Tlaxcala, Puebla, Hidalgo and Veracruz.

Google translation from Informador.

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