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Mexico has flattened the epidemic curve of COVID-19: López-Gatell


The undersecretary of Health emphasizes that it does not mean that there are no more cases, but that thanks to mitigation measures, the spread of the virus slowed down

With a doubling of COVID-19 cases every six days, Mexico has flattened the epidemic curve, said Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez , Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, emphasized that this does not mean that there are no more positive cases, but that Thanks to mitigation measures, the spread of the virus slowed down.

"Mexico has had an initial duplication of cases every two days, by day 40, we had a change and now there are duplications every six days, which means that the epidemic slows down, we have flattened the curve but for no one be confused, this does not mean that it is exactly flat, because that would mean that we do not have an epidemic, what it means is that we would have had many more cases of not implementing mitigation measures. "

He added that thanks to the National Sana Distance Day implemented on March 23, infections have been reduced 70 percent.

"The curve has flattened, compared to what we would have had, that is, many more cases without the National Day of Sana Distancia, there would have been many more cases and in a precipitous way over time, but we have reduced 70% of infections due to these interventions. "

Regarding the beds available for the care of the new coronavirus , he mentioned that at the national level there is an occupation of 31%, while in Mexico City, it is the other way around, with 69% of beds occupied, so this will expand capacity through the reorganization of five capital hospitals and the one being built at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome. Regarding critical care beds, he highlighted that in Mexico City 61% are occupied.

Regarding deaths, he commented that since the start of the pandemic there has been a notable predominance of men over women, "the male sex has a greater probability of complications and death and the impact of chronic diseases is striking."

Lastly, explained the lethality according to the intensity of the COVID-19, in the 14 thousand 907 outpatients, 223 deaths have occurred, that is to say 1.5%, of the 3 thousand 244 who were hospitalized and considered stable, 441 have died, 14%, of the 5 thousand 722 seriously hospitalized, thousand 073 died, 19%, and finally, of the thousand 32 intubated, 534 did not survive, which means the highest case fatality with 52 percent.

Google translation from Informador.

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