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Mexico is about to experience the worst moment of the pandemic: WHO


The WHO calls to expand the detection capabilities of the coronavirus

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) said on Wednesday that Mexico and Latin America are about to experience the worst moment of the coronavirus pandemic , so countries must expand their virus detection capabilities.

"The epicenter of the epidemic is moving from Europe to the Americas, which has given us time to prepare for what is to come," said Cristian Morales, representative in Mexico of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Organization. de la Salud (PAHO), in a virtual press conference.

"What is not so beneficial, and what we cannot escape is that we are about to experience the worst moment of the epidemic in the region, and in Mexico," he added.

Therefore, Morales recommended that countries expand their virus detection capabilities at the national and local levels.
"That is the axis towards which we have to point and we must maintain physical distance," he said.

For his part, Antonio Molpeceres, resident coordinator of the United Nations System in Mexico, said that the reconversion of hospitals should be accelerated to face the pandemic.

"There are also other (measures) that I would like to highlight, the first is the need to accelerate the hospital's reconversion and health services in the country, to face the epidemic of COVID 19," said the official.

Mexico, which so far has recorded more than 8,700 confirmed cases of coronavirus and more than 700 deaths, raised the level of health alert on Tuesday due to a rapid increase in the number of infections.

At the same time, the Mexican authorities have purchased various medical supplies from China to attend to the emergency. Despite this, there have been protests by health personnel, who claim that they do not have adequate protection material to work.

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