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Mexico is on the right track against coronavirus: WHO


Cristian Morales Fuhrimann declares that the preventive measures implemented have been taken at an opportune moment, in comparison with European countries

Given the official declaration that Mexico entered phase two of the coronavirus pandemic ( COVID-19 ), Cristian Morales Fuhrimann , representative of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in Our country declared that the preventive measures implemented have been taken at an opportune moment, in comparison with European countries .

During an interview given to the United Nations Information Center in Mexico (CINU México), Morales Fuhrimann explained that phase two of the contingency, where transmission is community-based, implies the presence of cases of which the source of contamination is unknown. , which currently account for 1 percent in the spread of the virus.

The specialist affirmed that the protection measures at the national level have been inspired by the suggestions of PAHO and WHO and that they will take Mexico "on the right path" :

" We are very happy we took advantage of greeting that initiative, which have been taken in advance, which has not been waited for at the last minute , just like these that the federal authority announces at a very opportune moment, because when one compares exactly what they have done Other countries that are experiencing very very complex situations, such as European countries: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, etc., one can see in the comparison of the development of the epidemic that the measures of social distancing are taken when we have already carried out three or four times. more cases than there were to this day in Mexico, "he said yesterday morning to the United Nations Information Center in Mexico.

As for the accessibility of the tests to detect SARS-CoV-2, and the anxiety that prevails in those who have presented symptoms similar to those produced by the virus and have not been able to apply for the diagnosis of the disease, with a scope of 23 tests per one million inhabitants, Morales Fuhrimann argued:

" In Mexico , all the suspects are being covered, the 367 confirmed cases come from there, having received proof, and the thousand and so many cases that have been tested and that have turned out negative also come from that search for contacts," he said. .

He also mentioned that a suspicious case is when the person has any of the characteristic symptoms of the coronavirus and has also traveled to a country where there is community transmission.

"That is why not anyone who has a cough or has a fever needs a test," said the official.

Google translation from Informador.

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