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Mexico reports 3,926 deaths from COVID-19, with 38,332 cases


In the last 24 hours, a thousand 997 new infections have been confirmed, as well as 353 deaths due to the disease

José Luis Alomía Zegarra, General Director of Epidemiology, reported that Mexico has 38,324 accumulated COVID-19 infections , 1,997 more than yesterday, and 3,926 deaths due to the virus, which means an increase of 353 deaths.

In addition, they add up to 22,980 accumulated suspected cases, while the confirmed active cases rise to 8,817. Active cases are concentrated, mainly, in Mexico City . A total of 142 thousand 204 people have been studied.

As of Monday, the Ministry of Health had detected 36,327 infections and 3,573 deaths from coronavirus in Mexico.

Google translation from Informador.

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