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Mexico reports 8,772 cases of coronavirus; add 712 deaths


Mexico City continues to concentrate the majority of COVID-19 infections

Dr. José Luis Alomía reported in the daily report that the death toll reached 712.

Just yesterday Sunday, the account was at 8,261 infections and 686 deaths.

Previously, the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez announced that there will be close to a thousand municipalities that will return to their normal activities by May 18

Through a video he posted on his Twitter account, he mentioned that progress has been made in flattening the coronavirus spread curve.

He noted that given the progress and reduction of coronavirus transmission that is occurring, there are areas of the country that do not have "significant transmission" , which will allow municipalities where there are few or no cases of the disease, it is possible to eliminate sanitary security measures before May 30.

"When? From Monday, May 18, we will be able to identify that there are some municipalities and areas of the country where there is very low or no transmission of the new coronavirus , which are in different areas of the country but cover a very large number of municipalities Almost a thousand municipalities of the 2,500 that Mexico has. In these places we can control the disease, using other measures corresponding to phase 1, "he said.

He explained that this will allow these regions to return to normal as of that date.

All the other municipalities will have to wait and from Monday June 1 they will be able to return to normality, but in an orderly manner according to what the health authority indicates.

"We are managing to reduce transmission, having fewer infections and therefore fewer people sick with COVID-19. We have fewer weeks left, until May 30 or until May 18 only if you live in a municipality with low transmission. If and only if we stay at home are we going to be able to keep this epidemic under control until we return to normal. "

He explained that the federal government decided to extend the National Sana Distancia Day, which ended on April 30, one more month until May 30 ; However, he said, thanks to these measures, coronavirus infections are being reduced throughout the country.

"We are managing to reduce infections, which we have called flattening the curve: the registration of all new cases of COVID that exist throughout the weeks and every day. We have a flatter curve, with fewer cases every day, and With this, we are going to ensure that people who have serious illness from COVID and require hospitalization find a place in the national health system, "he said.

Google translation from Informador.

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