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More on announcement today from Hugh Lopez Gatell, the Mexican government epidemiologist

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Hugh Lopez Gatell, the Mexican govt epidemiologist, announced this morning that starting today the entire country will be in a 1 month long mandated quarantine. Only essential businesses will open such as grocery stores and drugstores, and only services essential to public safety will operate like CFE and water. Here's a rough translation of what was said in the press conference word by word:

"The Task Force working on this amounts up to 350 years of experience in the public health sector, including two doctors with national science awards. Today, we speak to you, the citizens, and share the following technicalities:

1) The prevention and control measurements that the Mexican government has established have been designed by a group of specialists. These measurements have been correct, pertinent and opportunist. All of these measurements have been made based on scientific data and comply with the recommendations made by the World Health Organization. These measurements have been communicated repeatedly, and have now been established in the countries legal frame, to be formulated and written on paper at the highest level.

The call that we make to the Mexican citizens today, is for you to reflect, and lets be very clear, we require for you to follow and reinforce these measurements, it is our responsibility, and it is our obligation to comply with this measurements and to be consistent. All of us need to take care of ourselves, and take care of each other.

We all must cooperate in order to flatten the curve of this epidemic. Hereby, we require you to adapt to all the preventions measurements instructed, not just the ones that are directed towards personal safety, but to follow the prevention measurements directed towards community safety. As long as we are successful with massive immobilization of the country, with a high reduction of workforce activity, scholar activity, and the concentration of masses in public settings, we will all be benefited by minimizing the speed at which this virus is being transmitted.

This is our last chance to flatten the curve, and this requires to have a country wide immobilization and to stay home. This is our last call, we must all stay home. We speak to you directly: STAY HOME, STAY HOME. Stay home, because staying home is the only way we can slow down the pandemic.

Our curve is halfway to going from a slow transmission stage to a rapidly increasing transmission stage. We are in a period of accelerated rise in daily confirmed cases.

It is impossible to avoid this epidemic. We are currently living through phase 2, and we are very close to entering phase 3. One of the highest risks that will come with entering phase 3 will be the lack of hospital beds. Hospitals will be unable to help citizens, and deaths that could have otherwise been prevented will occur, due to insufficient hospital beds.

That's why, I repeat the most important message, the only way to flatten the curve TODAY is to stay home, country wide, everyone, during a stipulated period of 1 month. Let me reiterate that this does not mean that the accelerate rise in cases will be prevented. But we will be able to slow down phase 2, and once we get to phase 3 hospitals will have enough bed to take care of everyone in need of medical attention.

It is our responsibility, at a government level, in the private sector, in the public sector, and in the social sector, to STAY HOME.

In order to reach the potential these safety measurements have, we must reinforce that the public, private and social sectors MUST ADAPT to these measurements. The government is doing its part, by suspending ALL ACTIVITIES, in exception for those activities that are essential to human life. Such as grocery stores, energy services, water services. Essential services. No one is to overvalue their work, or feeling like their work isn't valuable. Whats important is to stay home, to reduce the number of people infected. That is why, it is absolutely necessary, for the Private and the Social sectors to follow these measurements with a force, and with clear determination, to not undermine our efforts.

I want to be clear and immediate again, this message will be followed by an official government notice stating all the specifics."

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