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No Easter holidays, stay home: López-Gatell


The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, reiterated this Friday, in the daily conference on the results of the epidemic of COVID-19, that "there is no vacation" , since there is a general provision in Mexico for combat the new coronavirus , this before the next days of Easter.

There is no vacation because there is a general provision that all activities in the public and private sectors are temporarily suspended, "he said.

López-Gatell stressed that "if we do not move, the virus does not move and there are no infections, stay home, do not go on vacation, stay where you are."

In addition, he insisted on his call for unity and solidarity of citizens in monitoring the measures of restriction of mobility and suspension of activities, since the accelerated increase in the number of cases and the collapse of the health system will be avoided.

Regarding society's response to the health emergency, López-Gatell said he is satisfied so far. "Satisfied with the social, public, scientific and private response," although, he said, "it is still too early to know the evidence that shows the effect of the closure of schools and jobs with respect to transmission."

  • He recalled that the job to face the epidemic in the country is to try to flatten the curve of the epidemic and avoid a large number of infections and more deaths.

Finally, on whether the climate, hot or rainy affects the virus, López-Gatell said that scientifically there is nothing to prove that the rains could help in the increase or decrease of the coronavirus, it is not a factor that for the moment is determining.

The Undersecretary of Health reported this Friday that there are already 60 people who have died from the new coronavirus in Mexico.

  • COVID-19 cases in Mexico

1688 confirmed in Mexico

Recovered 633 in Mexico

Deaths 60 in Mexico

Last update: 04/03/2020, 19:08 hrs.

Google translation from UnoTV.

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