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Recommendations for dressing and protecting yourself from COVID-19 in phase 3

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Although it is advisable to stay at home to avoid getting the new coronavirus (COVID-19) , infectious specialists recommend taking into account a simple guide of measures to go out, only in case it is strictly necessary, when phase three is reached of the pandemic; These range from clothing suggestions to the use of some accessories to be outdoors better protected.

In an interview with UnoTV, the infectologist Jetzamin Gutiérrez, who works at the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers ( ISSSTE ), explained that, in view of the imminent arrival of phase three of the coronavirus , it is recommended to wear clothing that covers the most of the body. For example:

  • Long-sleeved shirts or blouses
  • Pants
  • Boots or tennis

In addition, hanging out with e l hair pulled back and avoid the use of some accessories such as nails, to reduce the likelihood that the virus of COVID-19 can be housed there.

It is recommended to wear clothes on top, a garment on top that we can take off and change when we get home; large packages and suitcases are not recommended at this time; likewise, hair care: it must be kept clean and it must be kept up. "

Prevention measures in phase 3 of COVID-19

Before leaving the house, in addition to the aforementioned clothing, the following is recommended:

That is, before leaving, put on a face mask and carry spare parts to change it every three hours. Also, wear airtight glasses or a lens that protects the eyes, and always have antibacterial gel on hand.

What to do during the journey?

During the journey, avoid touching the face and repeatedly using the gel . If you travel by public transport you have to be more careful.

Touching as little as possible surfaces, railings, other people, keeping distance, healthy distance will continue to be an important factor ... ".

It is important that, upon arrival at the destination, the face masks are discarded , only by touching the elastic cords, and immediately wash the hands correctly.

Protective measures against COVID-19 upon arrival home

The infectologist explained that, when Mexico enters phase three of the contingency, it is recommended, once the activities outside the home are finished, to clean the shoes in the jargon of the entrance, which must be impregnated with a chlorine solution.

Also "you have to change your clothes and, if possible, take a bath, because soap and water is the most recommended so that then we have the least chance of contagion."

At the moment when the information changes from phase 2 to phase 3, abiding by the measures that have been recommended to us, is a situation in which we have to do everything on our part: we all depend on everyone. "

Google translation from Informador.

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