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Supply of basic products is guaranteed for 100 days: SE


The Secretary of the Economy, Graciela Márquez, reported that there is a supply of basic products in Diconsa for up to 100 days , given the contingency experienced by COVID-19 in the country .

During her participation in the morning conference from the National Palace, the secretary said that the availability of the products is in the 300 warehouses distributed throughout the country that distribute to 26 thousand stores.

On the other hand, he also reported that they are working together with Profeco to monitor and guarantee the price of the tortillas, the egg and the chicken.

Will the price of the tortillas go up?

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office ( Profeco ) assured that there is no justification for increasing the price of corn tortillas , and appeals to the solidarity of producers with consumers in these times of contingency.

He explained that an association of producers announced increases, but it must be taken into account that it does not represent the generality, since in the country there are more than 100 groups in that industry and it is a fact that they have no pretext to raise the price of the basic product .

He stressed that "corn has not risen, nor has transport, which has a direct influence on the price either, even gasoline has a lower price."

Call not to consume where the price is higher

Therefore, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla , called on consumers not to buy the product where the price is higher, "it is better to report it and buy from another tortilla shop that is not abusing".

The average price of a kilo of tortilla at the national level is 15.80 pesos per kilogram in tortillas, according to the monitoring of the "Who's Who in Prices" program, although it is important that consumers take it as the reference price to avoid abuse .

Sheffield Padilla said that more than 400 Profeco officials throughout the country work in commercial surveillance operations, through 38 offices in the most populated cities and with the most commercial activity in Mexico, to stop abuses.

Google translation from UnoTV.

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