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Surprises cover traveler sanitary measure at Guadalajara Airport


Coming from Australia, he explains that only in Guadalajara was he given medical review to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Despite the current situation in the world by coronavirus, Jorge had to return to Mexico from Australia. The 19-year-old arrived in Guadalajara last Saturday after 32 hours of being between flights and airports. He explains that of the four airports he was connected to: Sidney, Honolulu,Los Angeles and Guadalajara, only in the latter there was a health module where he was tested.

He points out that when he arrived at Guadalajara International Airport he was asked for his data, measured his body temperature, asked some questions about his health status, which included whether he recorded cough or lack of air, muscle pain, fever. They also provided recommendations to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"When I arrived at Sydney Airport people were normal and there were nothing else small modules of antibacterial gel. In Honolulu I was only asked if I had traveled in the last 14 days and in Los Angeles there were more people who walked with sketches and taking personal distance," he said.

Jorge points out that before leaving Sydney, people led their common lives and social estrangement measures to combat the virus had not yet come into force. The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia was 10,098 until this morning, an increase of more than 200 from 874 on Saturday.

Although he has so far not developed any symptoms, Jorge quarantined himself at his home and thus carried out with the protocol so as not to risk any members of his family or someone outside.

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