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The Armed Forces will operate 17 hospitals before COVID-19: López Obrador


During an event in Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, the President noted that these sites will have additional beds and equipment for intensive care

Although he had originally announced that there would be 10 hospitals, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that the Ministry of National Defense ( Sedena ) and the Navy (Semar) will be in charge of occupying, rehabilitating and operating 17 hospitals, currently abandoned, to add them to the federal government's health program to face the COVID-19 contingency.

"We are commissioning the Army and the Navy to take care of these 17 hospitals to have additional beds and, above all, equipment for intensive care"

When supervising the progress of urban development works in Bahía de Banderas, the head of the federal Executive indicated that these hospitals will have additional beds and equipment for intensive care.

"I want to tell you that one of the things that we are doing is entrusting the Navy and the Army to prepare to operate hospitals that we are finishing, of those that were left unfinished we are finishing 17 large hospitals."

"And those hospitals, instead of being finished equipping and hiring institutions like ISSSTE, like IMSS , which is Insabi, we are commissioning the Army and Navy to take care of those 17 hospitals to have additional beds and especially equipment for intensive care. "In this sense, the President reported that, following a request from the Governor of Nayarit , Antonio Echeverría López, the new ISSSTE hospital in Tepic will operate it during this time of emergency by the Army.

"I have just instructed the Secretary General to act immediately. It is a hospital to care for 120 patients, which already has specialized equipment for intensive care, it is going to be hiring the personnel of the Ministry of Defense and it will be ready immediately, "he said.

Exhorts to take care of the economy

In addition to taking care of health, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador urged society to take care of the Mexican economy, not to allow itself to be defeated and to moderate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We have to take care of the economy. If we stop completely, then we will suffer more. We have to balance"

When supervising the progress of construction of public spaces in Bahía de Banderas, in front of about 100 people -among officials and representatives of the media, because residents were not allowed to pass by the measures of healthy distance- the President indicated that if the economy falls too much there will be poverty, and this, he pointed out, will produce misfortunes.

"We have to take care of the economy. If we stop completely, then we are going to suffer more. We have to balance, take care of health, of course the most important thing in life, but also take care of our economy, because if we drop the economy, because there is going to be poverty and we already know that poverty also produces misfortunes ".

"We are seeking to temper the effects of this pandemic while maintaining our economy as much as possible." "If I stay at the Palace, what message are we giving?"

Accompanied by Governor Antonio Echevarría, the President assured that if, due to the contingency, he locks himself in the National Palace "if he does not show his face, then imagine, what message are we transmitting? How are we going to be encouraging people to leave? ahead?"

"That we do not overcome, that we do not give up, that we move forward in the face of this adversity, that we do not overcome this crisis due to the coronavirus, that we move forward and have great faith that we are going to reactivate our economy, and we have a way of do what".

The Federal Executive pointed out that the Mexican economy cannot stop completely because, compared to countries such as the United States or Europe where the majority of the economically active population belongs to formal activities, "we in Mexico unfortunately have more than Half of our population that is economically active in informality, is what is called the informal economy, which is nothing more than looking for a living as possible, and we also have to take care of that economy because millions of Mexicans depend on it. "

"The small business, the workshops, the taquerías, all the economic activity of the humble people of the poor people of those who live daily, those who daily survive, so we have to take care of the economy," he assured.

Google translation from Informador.

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