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The Community Hospital of Jocotepec has been declared a Level One admitting facility


Thanks to Patrick O'Heffernan for translating

The Community Hospital of Jocotepec has been declared a Level One admitting facility for patients in serious condition due to the coronavirus. Level one hospitals are adequately staffed and equipped but may not have all the facilities that higher level hospitals have. The Community Hospital has the necessary equipment and sufficient supplies for expected cases, according to its Director.

Edgar González Jiménez, Director of the Community Hospital of Jocotepec, said that after a hospital restructuring and multiple trainings for the necessary staff and the installation of appropriate equipment, he considered that the institution is ready to provide care for eventual cases of Covid-19.

“I would say that the hospital is equipped to admit and care for seriously ill patients; that is a fact. We are not a Second or Third level hospital so we can't say that we will attend to all who arrive, but that our capacity and infrastructure is first-rate for the patients we can admit. However, we do not have an intensive care area, ”I explained.

The hospital prepared for Coronavirus patients by dividing its facilities into two areas, one for the care of patients with Covid-19 and the other for non-infectious users (no Covid-19), who are at the hospital for other treatment or to see different specialties. The hospital, part of Health Region IV, has a workforce of 140.

The Community Hospital of Jocotepec will only be able to care for three patients at one time who require full hospitalization, since it only has three mechanical ventilators. The hospital is equipped with two isolation mobile units that can transfer patients to Third-level hospitals when it has reached capacity. For patients throughout Jalisco, including Jocotepec, patients that cannot be treated at a local hospital will be transported to the Fray Antonio Alcalde Hospital (Civil Viejo), in Guadalajara.

Edgar González said that it's more important for citizens keep up the isolation measures and the sanitary measures such as hand washing and sanitation of households than worry about the care capacity of the hospitals that will attend to serious cases in the area.

Ramiro Pérez Gil, Director of Health Region IV based in La Barca, reported that they have sufficient supplies such as masks and special suits and other security equipment to supply the three hospitals that will attend to serious cases in the 13 municipalities in Region IV. Pérez Gil also explained that the delay in the results of the suspected cases in the region is due to the backlog of samples to be analyzed, which can delay results for up to a week, although the agency's protocol calls for results in 24 to 48 hours. . (translated by Patrick O'Heffernan)

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