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“The hardest days are coming.” – AMLO


If you don’t need urgent care, don’t go to hospitals. The hardest days are coming.” – AMLO

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – López Obrador asked the population to be careful, to go where they are going to be treated immediately and not to go to a hospital where there are no beds and wait for them to vacate. “That is not convenient. We need you to go to a hospital to be treated”. AMLO said.

López Obrador called on citizens to avoid going to hospitals if it is not an emergency. He warned that the most difficult days of the pandemic are coming, the first two weeks of May, and that those infected with the new coronavirus must be allowed to be treated efficiently and quickly.

“It’s not much longer, we’re going to make this last effort to save ourselves,” (SIC) He acknowledged the Mexicans for heeding the call and asked them to continue the confinement.

“In the case of Mexico City, May 6 or 8 will be the most difficult point, these are the most difficult days, from there it will begin a descent (…) This is also a stimulus, this is comforting, in the case of the City, but we need to reach that point and begin to have a decline, to continue with the isolation measures, to continue acting as it has been done throughout the country,” he said in the morning press conference.

In that sense, he asked for a last effort to “tame the pandemic” and reiterated his call for Mexicans to go to hospitals where there are still beds, ventilators, and doctors available, to avoid hospital overcrowding.

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