A CoronaVirus (COVID-19) resource for the Lake Chapala area

The Lake Chapala Society Bulletin VI April 11, 2020


We send our best thoughts and wishes to our members, volunteers, members of the Mexican Community and all our friends here at Lakeside.

We continue to go through these difficult times. We are hopeful the information below is of value to you. We know some people like lots of information and some prefer to see less. Please feel free to read in detail, or skim or just click on links that might be of value to you.

There continues to be many rumors running through the community and especially on social media – and unfortunately some of these are not true and create alarm and added stress for people. We encourage everyone to only share information you find from a reliable source. The links at the bottom of this Bulletin represent several official sites that you may find helpful.

The most important message of all right now is to - Stay at Home!

Campus remains closed – government entities are strongly endorsing a Stay At Home policy that will continue until at least the end of April. In the last week of the month they will make announcements concerning next steps. Our Board of Directors have been meeting frequently to discuss the operations of The Lake Chapala Society. We are in agreement the campus will remain closed through April 30 at a minimum. We will monitor recommendations and make further announcements as we go. We do feel that we need to be even more cautious than the general government guidelines since our membership is largely made up of people in the higher risk categories of seniors and those with various pre-existing conditions. We may be fortunate, in that as some believe, we got an early start on the Stay At Home efforts, but the virus will still be impacting our area. If the Stay At Home initiatives have helped to slow the curve, it has been well worth it. We ask everyone to hang in there and work with us through this process. Once it is safe to open, there are a few things we will be doing. We will remain closed an extra week, to allow time for us to scrub down the campus and get things in place to protect those who join us. Board Members along with the Executive Director and management team are reviewing our activity guidelines to determine group size and room use standards. We are also developing guidelines for health and safety precautions on campus. There will be a new normal way of life for us all. We take on our roles responsibly and want to do our very best to safeguard our supporters.

Sorry to repeat this, but as we hear from the streets of Lakeside, too many foreigners are not practicing the recommended safeguards to beat COVID-19. Please remember there are many things each of us can do on our own to keep ourselves, our families, and friends healthy:

  • Stay at home! during the outbreak;
  • When you must go out, avoid crowds and confined spaces, safely wear a mask and gloves;
  • Wash your hands often and disinfect frequently touched services;
  • Avoid close contact (6 feet, or about two arm lengths) with people who are sick;
  • Eat healthy foods, get plenty of sleep, and avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol;
  • Stay connected with family and friends by phone, social media, or video chat
  • Give yourself time to be active, get outdoors in your garden, and do things you enjoy, safely walk your pet;
  • Make sure you have enough of your medicines, household supplies and groceries;
  • If you are going out for groceries, buy a little more to decrease numbers of trips, while out, get your gas tank filled, make any needed ATM withdrawals on the same trip;
  • Avoid all non-essential travel.

Someone sent us this clever picture.

For some, wearing a mask irritates the ears, try wearing a hat and pinning the elastic band to the hat.

Masks - Click on this link for a YouTube video from Dr Sanja Gupta on making and wearing a mask.


Reaching Out to LCS Members and the Community at Large!

In response to COVID-19, the Lake Chapala Society has turned its attention to the health and safety of its members and the community at large. We have created two new programs;

1. Determine who is currently here, Lakeside.

2. Determine if people here are OK.

Survey #1. REACHING OUT—Where Are You? While we care for all of our members, whether they are here at Lakeside or outside the area, we need to focus our immediate attention on members who are here at Lakeside, whether they are here full time or here because they cannot leave due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. If you have not already completed this "Where Are You" form, please click here, to complete and submit this survey.

Survey #2. REACHING OUT—Are You Okay? This initiative is designed to contact both LCS members and the community at large who are here at Lakeside, particularly those who are living alone or have no family in the area to reach out to them each day to see if they are Okay. We currently have over two dozen Reaching Out Companions who are being contacted daily. If you want to be included in this program, please click here, to complete and submit this survey.t One of our 87 Reaching Out Volunteers are ready to start contacting you. If you have already submitted one of these surveys, thank you and please share this program with friends.

Activities taking Place

With the likely closing of our Campus well into May, we encourage all of our Activity leads to consider how your activity can still provide a service to our supporters. If you need help in exploring options, email Steve Balfour at SBalfour@me.com.

Language programs – if you would like information on some of our online classes, please email Alfredo, our Director of Education directoreducacion@lakechapalasociety.com.

Tech Support & Tech Trainings

Do you need technical help, help with reading online books, or would you like to attend classes on Tech? ALL FOR FREE! Please click on this link to the Lake Chapala Society Web page to sign up for these programs. https://lakechapalasociety.com/public/ or email lcs.tech.training@gmail.com.

Food Pick up/delivery Services

Here is a link to a great website by Dane Strom with information on local restaurants and other community services. This information is subject to change.

Food Distribution to the Mexican Community

The Lake Chapala Society recognizes the many non-profit organizations that are dedicated to serving the varying needs of our neighborhood throughout Lakeside. Here is a partial list of those serving some of our neediest families, that may be in need of your generosity. We do not have knowledge on the scope of these programs or the need they may have. We offer them for your convenience to reach out to.

FoodBank Lakeside -- https://www.facebook.com/FoodBankLakeside/?ref=nf&hc_ref=ARRRq3yx18Yy2BAXLnqhQwoGUUmd6B7QEX-KDdD1IAlDRCy5nAl0uY61O3vtgJW2Zv0

Operation Feed -- http://www.operationfeedsjc.org/

Niños de San Antonio AC [Spanish] -- https://www.facebook.com/pg/NI%C3%91OS-de-San-Antonio-AC-556708294770568/posts/

Tepehua Centro Comunitario AC -- https://www.facebook.com/tepehuacommunitycenter/

Poco a Poco https://www.pocoapocosanpedro.com/

Brigada Estatal de Proteccion Civil y Bomberos -- https://www.facebook.com/BrigadaPCJTLR/ kariinmexico@gmail.com

Solidarity Care Packages


Supporting Household Staff

We also want to thank the many Expats who are still paying their household staff while they give them time to Stay At Home. Let's also support the local businesses that we know and love and that have provided us with so much comfort here at Lakeside. Tipping Well can make a big difference.

Emergency and Post Life Planning

This is one of our most valuable yet under-utilized Programs. Now is the perfect time to file your information form with us or to update information you have previously provided. While we are working on updating this program, there is great value to filling in your form now.

Click on this link for more information and to download forms.

You can scan and email completed forms back to SB4LCS@Gmail.com.

Informative Links

Guadalajara Reporter

US Embassy FaceBook

US Consulate Guadalajara


Consulate of Canada

Johns Hopkins COVID-19

Jalisco Coronavirus

Mexico Federal Government

Jalisco Prensa Noticias en Español

For access to books online

National Emergency Lending Library

For LCS information

Donations to LCS – all donations during this time of need, keeps our organization going. Thank You!

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LCS Conecciones Monthly Magazine - Conecciones is our monthly magazine in English and Spanish. Filled with wonderful articles.

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