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The most difficult of COVID-19 is yet to come: AMLO. See measurements


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced an economic plan to face the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), and assured that the most difficult of COVID-19 is yet to come.

However, López Obrador is confident that Mexico will soon emerge from the health emergency due to force of nature.

We will succeed and I am sure that soon I will be able to summon us to hug each other in the public squares because we are going to take to the streets again without fear or fear to continue being what our people in Mexico are: dignified and happy, to continue being free, prosperous, fraternal and human. Hurray Mexico!".

The president explained that although you cannot claim victory, the country has faced it in the best way.

Mexico is, after India, the country with the least number of coronavirus infections and the third country with the fewest deaths by number of inhabitants ”.

Likewise, he explained that the resources are already available to additionally hire 45 thousand doctors and nurses in these nine months.

In addition, there are already sufficient means, since before the arrival of the coronavirus they were working in the health sector.

When the coronavirus arrived, we were working in the public health system. As of today we have 6,425 intensive care beds with their respective respirators and specialized medical personnel. "

The measures to be taken

The president highlighted the provision of support to the poorest and most vulnerable population in the country. That is why he stressed that "on December 1 of this year I will be able to say that all the poor in Mexico already have protection and protection from the Government."

Among the highlights to support the national economy are:

  • Greater public investment in social programs
  • Support for small businesses in family businesses in the formal and informal sectors
  • Do not increase fuel prices or taxes
  • Gasoline production will increase 400 thousand additional barrels
  • Expansion of social programs
  • Road construction
  • VAT return
  • The supply of electrical energy is assured

Regarding job creation, he mentioned that he will create two million positions in nine months.

I base my optimism on these facts and actions, and I can also show that half of the country's households are already receiving at least one welfare program "

It will lower salaries to officials and remove bonuses

Among the measures that the president revealed this Sunday, is that the salary of officials will be lowered and in the government bonuses will be eliminated from the position of deputy directors to the president.

Likewise, government advertising and per diem expenses will be reduced , and you will save on purchases from suppliers.

Google translation from UnoTV.

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