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The UdeG warns of the need to abide by pandemic isolation

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They point out that if the population does not stay at home, they estimate between 46,470 to 59,046 cases, which would collapse hospitals in the State.

The University of Guadalajara, through the Health Situation Room, reported that Jalisco residents need to remain at home to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and the collapse of hospital care.

The Situation Room created estimates on the number of cases to exist for April 19. If 40% of the population remains at home, it estimates that there are 1,514 cases to 1,718; If 80% of the population remains at home, it estimates that 14 new cases will be diagnosed, but if the population is not isolated, they estimate between 46,470 to 59,046 cases .

Ricardo Villanueva, rector of the UdeG explained that based on estimates, they found that the first days that Jaliscienses were asked to stay at home, about 80% did so, but for the following days only 40% of the population complied measure. The rector emphasized that "we must not lower our guard because we are going to put at risk the capacity of the hospital system."

Villanueva affirmed that although not all of them were isolated, in Jalisco the measure was effective, because while in the country there was an increase of 389% of cases, in Jalisco it was 196% of cases . The data presented details that for March 20, the country registered 203 cases and on March 29 there were 993 cases, while for Jalisco on March 20 there was a record of 28 cases and on March 29 it was of 83 cases.

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