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There are 263 cases of COVID-19 in Jalisco


To date, 73 percent of the 235 confirmed cases have been managed with isolation at home.

The positive cases of COVID-19 in Jalisco increased to 263, according to the global count of the Radar Jalisco program of the Ministry of Health Jalisco (SSJ): 235 in federal court, 10 from laboratories of the University of Guadalajara ( UdeG ) and 18 from the private laboratory. In addition to 15 confirmed deaths.

The cases have been confirmed in 26 municipalities, of which fourteen have active cases (those who started their illness in the last 14 days).

Guadalajara ranks first in Jalisco with 74 confirmed cases (31.5 percent of the total); followed by Zapopan with 59 cases (25.1 percent). Puerto Vallarta holds third place in the State with 29 cases (12.3 percent) and Tonalá fourth with eleven cases (4.7 percent).

In Cuautla, ten infections are reported; and with less than ten cases Tequila, Tlaquepaque, Jamay, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, El Grullo, Tomatlán, Tizapán el Alto, San Juan de los Lagos, Tecolotlán, San Julián, Ocotlán, Acatic, Ameca, Lagos de Moreno, Yahualica, Tuxpan, San Martín Hidalgo, Cocula, Juanacatlán, La Barca and Jesús María.

As for the fifteen confirmed deaths in Jalisco, by municipality of residence, they correspond to Guadalajara (3), Zapopan (1), Tomatlán (2), El Grullo (1), Tonalá (1), Acatic (1), Puerto Vallarta (3), Tequila (1), Tecolotlán (1) and Tlajomulco (1).

To date, 73 percent of the 235 confirmed cases have been managed with isolation at home, for presenting mild symptoms; while 64 patients have required hospitalization: twenty have been discharged for improvement, fifteen for death, one voluntary discharge and 28 are hospitalized in public and private hospitals.

Of the people hospitalized, this day they were reported in stable condition (15), severe (eight) and very serious (five).

In addition, the SSJ State Public Health Laboratory has ruled out 3,410 infections, as they were negative for COVID-19 and has a record of 356 suspected cases.

For their part, the laboratories of the University of Guadalajara have ruled out 400 cases and have a record of 37 suspects. While the private laboratory has ruled out 312 cases.

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