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There are 546 killed by COVID-19 in Mexico; cases go up to 6,875


They account for a total of 28,126 negative cases; while the suspects amount to 13,364

In Mexico there are already 546 deaths from COVID-19 , while there are 6,875 positive cases, according to a press conference reported by the Ministry of Health (Ssa) this Friday. A total of 48 thousand 365 people have been studied, of which 28 thousand 126 gave negative to the test ; suspicious cases amount to 13 thousand 364.

As of Thursday, the Ministry of Health had confirmed 6,297 cases, 486 deaths and more than 12,000 suspected cases of coronavirus.

It is also noted that the majority of the patients who tested positive belong to the male sex, with 58 percent, while 42 percent are female; approximately 63 percent recover on an outpatient basis at home and 37 percent required hospitalization.

Mexico City, the State of Mexico and Baja California remain the entities with the highest number of cases,

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