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There are 9 deaths from COVID-19 in Jalisco


The new confirmed death corresponds to a 60-year-old man, a resident of Puerto Vallarta

Deaths from COVID-19 in Jalisco continue to rise. The Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ) confirmed a new one, with which there are nine in the entity.

The new confirmed death corresponds to a 60-year-old man, a resident of Puerto Vallarta , who began his illness on April 1 last and died on April 8. As background, the patient suffered from hypertension and obesity.

The other deaths confirmed by this disease have been reported as the municipality of residence Guadalajara (1), Zapopan (1), Tomatlán (1), El Grullo (1), Tonalá (1), Acatic (1) and Puerto Vallarta (3).

In addition, there are 144 confirmed cases in the State.

To date, suspicious cases have been studied in 96 municipalities of the State, confirming infections - with evidence endorsed by the National Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference - in 21 of them. This Friday Tequila, Jamay , San Martín Hidalgo and Cocula , with their first case respectively, are added to the list. In addition, Zapopan , Guadalajara, Cuautla , Puerto Vallarta , Tomatlán , Tecolotlán , Tlajomulco de Zúñiga , Ameca are included in the list , Yahualica , San Julián, Lagos de Moreno, Tonalá, San Juan de los Lagos, El Grullo, Acatic , Tlaquepaque and Tuxpan .

The SSJ currently has a record of 839 suspected cases and 1,980 infections have been ruled out.

Due to presenting mild symptoms, eight out of 10 of the 144 confirmed cases have been managed with isolation at home, while the rest have required hospitalization. Regarding gender, 62 percent are male; while the most affected age group is 65 and over with 13 percent.

In total, 28 patients have been hospitalized ; of which twelve have been discharged due to improvement, nine due to death, one voluntary discharge and six are hospitalized: stable (four), severe (one) and very serious (one).

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