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There are already 233 deaths in Mexico due to COVID-19


During the afternoon conference of the Ministry of Health ( SSa ), held in the National Palace, officials announced updates of the coronavirus ( Orthocoronavirinae ) in Mexico : until 19:00 on Friday, there are 233 deaths and 3,844 confirmed cases in National territory.

José Luis Alomía Zegarra, General Director of Epidemiology of the SSa , was in charge of updating the data on COVID-19 in Mexico and added that health authorities have ruled out 10,300 cases “and in total, practically 33,893 people have have been studied ”throughout the national territory.

For his part, Juan Manuel Quijada Gaytán, general director of Psychiatric Care Services (SAP), issued new recommendations to prevent COVID-19 infections , such as taking care of sleep, eating well, exercising: “that will strengthen the immune system, thus as to our physical and mental health. I also point out other particular suggestions:

  • Recognize emotions and express them.
  • Having moments alone "now that we are home".
  • He called to implement improvements in communication, learn to be tolerant and eradicate violence.

(During this coronavirus quarantine) express your emotions. Have no doubt, you are not alone and we will get out of this soon. ”

More experts to face COVID

Another of the officials invited to the press conference was Gady Zabicky Sirot, National Commissioner Against Addictions ( Conadic ), who stressed that "we are very aware" that in the quarantine due to coronavirus ( Orthocoronavirinae ), "the consumption of alcohol at home "It can increase" domestic violence ", so he asked to attend to the experts' suggestions.

Alcohol, being a depressant of the central nervous system, would prevent us from having intelligence, responsiveness or the way to continue contributing to this national effort. What affects us is uncertainty because we don't know how the film ends. It is important to know that the path is made when walking, as the poet said ”.

Meanwhile, Jorge González Olvera, general director of the same Conadic , hinted at citizens with mental health problems, which can be aggravated by the COVID-19 quarantine , that they are not alone and can receive professional support through of a "network of services that are in charge of the" SSa "and of problems related to substance use."

  • There are comprehensive mental health centers.
  • Primary care centers for addictions.
  • Youth integration centers with trained personnel.

During confinement, the health authorities have registered an increase in calls for help for anxiety and emotional stress. It was highlighted that during the first week of implementation of the “ Sana Distancia ” program, these communications decreased, but health services are ready to receive urgent cases in this area.

Google translation from UnoTV.

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