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They add 13 more dead by COVID-19 in Jalisco


With these, they add 348 deaths in the Entity; In addition, 225 more cases were confirmed, with a total of 6,814

In Jalisco the death toll from COVID-19 increased 13 more to reach 348, according to the Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ).

By municipality, these are counted in: Guadalajara (eight), Tlaquepaque (four) and Zapopan (one)
In addition, it confirmed 225 more cases, with which they total 6,814 in the Entity.

In the list of municipalities with the most cases, Guadalajara maintains the number one position with two thousand 375, while Zapopan (number two) has 1,241 and Puerto Vallarta (number three) 584.

According to the Federal Health Secretariat (SSa), active cases keep Jalisco in third place in the country. While the SSJ reported 1,742.

He also detailed that six out of ten people with the disease are male.

And, regarding age groups, the most affected are those between 35 and 39 years old with 12.2 percent, those between 30 and 34 years with 11.7 percent , those between 25 and 29 years with 10.9 percent and 65 years old. and more with 10.6 percent.

While that of children and adolescents there are 161 confirmed cases, as well as in children between zero and 15 years old (2.3 percent)

There are 6 new cases among health personnel

So far, 316 positive cases of COVID-19 have been registered among health personnel (six new cases reported today), the contagion of which is associated with the care provided in medical units.

Of these, 79 correspond to Puerto Vallarta, 193 to Guadalajara, 10 to Ocotlán, 15 to Tepatitlán, two to Colotlán; four to Zapopan, two to Ciudad Guzmán, six to Tala and five to San Juan de los Lagos.

Google translation from Informador.

He added that of the 337 patients hospitalized to date, today at noon they reported a stable condition 41, severe 248 and very serious 48.

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