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They add up to 27 positive COVID-19 tests in Jalisco; four are asymptomatic


Health Secretary Fernando Petersen reported that 10 traveled to Vail; there are a total of 23 patients and four asinthomatic

Jalisco has already added 27 positive coronavirus tests. That is, since the last cut - on 17 March - there have been 18 new and two asymptomatic cases.

As explained by the Secretariat of Health Jalisco (SSJ), a person categorized as asymptomatic (or without symptoms) is one who can contract the SARS-CoV-2 virus and not develop COVID-19 (the disease), although it can be transmitted.

Health Secretary Fernando Petersen,detailed that the State has studied 116 people in total: 23 sick, four asymptomatic, 66 discarded and 23 are in process.

In addition, of the 27 confirmed tests, six out of 10 are men and the age range that concentrates the most cases is 50 to 54 years.

The secretary also noted that Zapopan concentrates half of the cases and that only one of them is hospitalized, although he remains stable.

On the other hand, he said - without specifying a figure - that many of the 400 people who traveled to Vail and are likely carriers were tested in laboratories and then reported to the Jalisco State Laboratory of Public Health to be confirmed by the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE).

He reported that at the time they have already contacted 73 of them, of which 43% have some symptoms, while still searching for the rest of the group.

He added that of the 20 new evidence confirmed cases, 10 patients and one asymptomatic have a history of travel to Vail.

It stated that they should remain in isolation, calm and call the Coronavirus line (3338233220) because the Secretariat had a specific route for them and most had no symptoms.

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) also opened a line for its rightholders: 8002222668.

Petersen also emphasized that, as an indication of the Federal Government, they can only test suspected cases, although in Jalisco they have opened the amount of evidence to contacts and those who may have pneumonia.

"We have approximately two thousand tests and state government is buying more to stock,"said Denis Santiago, head of Management and Coordination of the Commission for the Protection of Health Risks of Jalisco (Coprisjal).

Petersen noted that "the results should be between 24 and 36 hours."

On the other hand, the under-secretary of government Manuel Romo, asked the pilgrims not to participate in the Pilgrim's Route, since the temples of Talpa and the Basilica are closed from yesterday until further notice.

He added that they have constant communication with municipal presidents to install health filters in the main squares and remind visitors of the action taken.

"It is not necessary, nor convenient, to make the route, " he stressed.

The official reported that those who test positive but have no symptoms are called asymptomatic, while the sick are the ones who do show them.

Google translation from Informador.

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