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They analyze 25 suspected cases of COVID-19 in municipalities outside the ZMG


In the federal report in Jalisco there is the case of a minor of one year affected by the virus, the SSJ affirms that it was a capture error

Although only one case of coronavirus has been confirmed outside the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (AMG), there are currently 25 patients under study in municipalities such as Puerto Vallarta and Tepatitlán .

According to the report issued by the Federal Health Secretariat, eight suspicious cases were identified in Tepatitlán, Puerto Vallarta has five and four in La Barca. The list also includes Lagos de Moreno and Autlán with three each; Tamazula and Ameca with a patient under study respectively.

The highest concentration of suspected cases is registered in Guadalajara with 59, Zapopan 47, Tlaquepaque with seven and Tonalá with four . In total there are 142 cases under study.

To date, of the 50 confirmed cases of the disease in the Entity, only one was registered outside the AMG , it is a person in the municipality of Cuautla from the city of Seattle, Washington.

Since last Sunday, in the report of the federal agency appears in Jalisco the case of a minor of one year affected by the virus. The State Health Secretary, Fernando Petersen, affirmed that it was a capture error, after the update of the federal information the case of the minor continues to appear.

Suspicious cases under study
Guadalajara 59
Zapopan 47
Tepatitlán 8
Tlaquepaque 7
Puerto Vallarta 5
Tonalá 4
La Barca 4
Lagos de Moreno 3
Autlán 3
Tamazula 1
Ameca 1
Total 142

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