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They anticipate that in Jalisco there will be more than 37 thousand people infected with COVID-19


The Governor of Jalisco has started a Hospital Reconversion project to guarantee spaces where people sick with coronavirus can be cared for

In the event that in Jalisco the rate of .45 in fatality of COVID -19 infections is met, the Entity would reach 37,844 cases , reported Jalisco Health Secretary Fernando Petersen Aranguren.

He explained that this would be the worst case scenario for Jaliscienses, in case the isolation recommendations made by the authorities since the first half of March are not followed.

The secretary said that the rate is expected to continue in Jalisco at an estimate of .20, with which the estimate reaches 16,819 cases, however, he asked the citizens to continue in isolation so as not to increase the figures.

Petersen said that in any case, only 15% of infections will require hospitalization , the rest of the patients will be sent home with remote monitoring and precautionary measures so as not to infect the rest of their family members.

Due to this situation, explained the governor of Jalisco, a Hospital Reconversion project has been started to guarantee spaces where people with coronavirus can be cared for , which includes coordination with hospitals of the state health system, of the Mexican Insurance Institute Social (IMSS) and private hospitals.

With this reconversion plan, it would reach, in four stages, 3,161 beds available to serve these patients in different clinics and hospitals in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area and the interior of the State.

In the most critical scenario (of the estimated 37,844 patients), 15% of the estimated patients could be hospitalized would reach up to 5,677. Petersen said that if this were the case, the reconversion could reach a sixth stage to have a greater number of beds, but this will be analyzed as the virus continues to behave in the Entity.

For the time being, he said, these 3,161 beds will be enough to attend the 15% corresponding to the 16,819 infections expected in the favorable scenario for Jalisco, which corresponds to an estimated 2,583 patients who may require hospitalization.

"It is important to say that the geographical distribution of hospital units will be very important because the hospital network will generate and guarantee access to health services for all Jaliscienses, considering that 40% of the population that will suffer COVID lives in the interior of the State, ”said Petersen Aranguren.

The Governor of the State informed for his part that in addition to the hospitals that the Entity has to face the pandemic, the General Hospital of Puerto Vallarta will also be added , which was remodeled and will be ready on Thursday, in addition to the delivery of the first stage of the Lagos de Moreno Regional Hospital, and the first stage of the Cihuatlán Regional Hospital.

He added that although it is expected that all medical personnel will join the attention of COVID-19 infections, a volunteer system could also be envisaged, an issue that is currently being analyzed by the health authorities that make up the network. of reconversion.

He said that the Jalisco Health system has 387 pulmonary ventilators to attend to seriously ill patients "in addition to those of the rest of the system", however, he announced that the rent will be made for many others, although he did not specify the number or the date in which would be the lease.


-First stage: 958 beds

Hospitals: General Regional 110 and some areas of IMSS 45, the Hospital Valentín Gómez Farías, Hospital General de Occidente (Zoquipan), Hospital General de Puerto vallarta and Hospital Civil de Guadalajara Juan I. Menchaca.

-Second stage: 1,320 beds

362 hospital beds: General 180 and 14, Tepatitlán and Lagos de Moreno Hospital of the IMSS and Lagos de Moreno Regional Hospital.

-Third stage: 2 185

865 hospital beds: Hospitals 45, 89, Tala Hospital, Ocotlán Hospital, Ciudad Guzmán Hospital of the IMSS, the Geriatrics area of ​​the General Hospital of the West (Zoquipan) and the Ángel Leaño Private Hospital.

-Fourth stage: 3 161 beds

976 hospital beds: Civil Fray Antonio Alcalde, community and Regional in its entirety.

Google translation from Informador.

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