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They issue guidelines for reopening economic activities in Mexico


Companies that resume work must comply with the sanitary conditions indicated to avoid the spread of the virus

The federal government announced, through an agreement published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), the guidelines that all work centers must comply with to resume their activities in a safe, staggered manner and thus avoid further contagion of coronavirus (COVID-19). The agreement explains that from June 1 the reopening of socioeconomic activities will begin: "At this stage, all companies may restart operations provided they implement the provisions of these guidelines and comply with the provisions of the epidemiological risk traffic light, for which will not require prior authorization. "

It is added that the guidelines aim to privilege the health and life of workers; solidarity and non-discrimination; moral economy and productive efficiency, as well as shared responsibility (public, private, social). The agreement asks companies to identify the level of contagion risk they have, as well as their size in terms of the numbers of workers, so that they can take the necessary measures. For example, for essential companies with a maximum risk, they are asked to keep their workers 1.5 meters away, and if that cannot be done, provide personal protective equipment.

Likewise, it is requested to install physical barriers at work stations, that vulnerable staff work from home, establish flexibility of schedules, among others . Likewise, in the DOF it was clarified that all work centers must implement control strategies to contain the spread of COVID-19 , regardless of the sanitary measures that they must comply with to operate. In this way, companies must guide, train and organize their workers to prevent and control the spread of the coronavirus in their homes, at social events and during public or private transport journeys provided by the company.

acute respiratory infection . Those who detect signs of temperature greater than 37.5 degrees, will have to be directed to an isolation area, they will be given a face mask and they will be referred to the medical service. In the work centers they must provide antibacterial gel dispensers, sanitary products, mouth covers, bathrooms and clean work places, among others. The agreement that was published by the secretariats of Health, Labor and Economy, together with the Mexican Institute of Social Security ( IMSS ), establishes other measures related to the use of personal protection, surveillance and supervision, for the vulnerable population and health security .

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