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They warn about danger in reducing social isolation


According to the UdeG Health Situation Room, 50 percent of social isolation can cause Jalisco to reach two thousand infections on the last day of May

In the last five days, Jalisco residents have relaxed mandatory sanitary measures in the state. According to the Health Situation Room of the University of Guadalajara ( UdeG ), the percentage of isolation went from 60 to just over 50 percent.

The predictive models used by university researchers recorded a greater mobility of citizens in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area and it is feared that COVID- 19 infections and deaths will increase .

"Two weeks ago, there was 60 percent compliance with social isolation, but it has dropped from three to five percentage points ," Héctor Raúl Pérez Gómez, a member of the Health Situation Chamber, warned in an interview with Notimex.

He explained that 50 percent of social isolation can cause Jalisco to reach two thousand infections on the last day of May . He added that the current trend may continue to accelerate if respect for sanitary measures does not increase.

"In addition, there are fewer people using the face mask or they have turned it into front covers and throat covers. All of this worries us the Situation Room because it can be reflected in 14 days with an increase in the number of infections," he explained.

This Wednesday , 95 deaths from coronavirus accumulated in the state and 967 cases. The rate of infection has been maintained for several days above 25 daily cases.

"Our estimate is that, if discipline is maintained, this will continue for two weeks, if people remain relaxed, the rate of infection can last three or four weeks," he said.

Pérez Gómez reported that seriously ill patients infected with COVID -19 remain in five percent of hospital admissions that go to intensive care and require mechanical ventilation, but due to the lethality of the virus, half of them die.

"80 percent of the patients who die from COVID-19 occur within the first seven days of hospitalization," he said, and nine out of 10 have presented hypertension, diabetes, obesity or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

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