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This is the protocol to resume religious activities in Mexico


The Ministry of the Interior publishes the measures to follow in places of worship now that several entities have changed to orange traffic lights

The Ministry of the Interior ( Segob ) presented a protocol for churches, groups and religious associations to resume their activities in closed spaces in a gradual, orderly, cautious manner and following the epidemiological traffic light.

The resumption date of these activities could vary between municipalities and states, since the evolution of COVID-19 is different in each federal entity.

According to the Segob protocol, the celebrations of the religious centers will be suspended while the epidemiological traffic light is red; when it is orange, a 25% capacity will be allowed; when it is yellow, there may be a 50% capacity, and when it is green, religious activities will be regular , although with measures to prevent the "new normal".

Regarding the population vulnerable to coronavirus (people over 60, people living with diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, or diseases that compromise their immune system, pregnant women, as well as children), Segob established that they will be able to attend religious activities when the traffic light is yellow, with certain limitations, and when it is green on a regular basis.

"The application of this protocol will be subject to the Ministry of Health, as the competent authority, determining that it is possible to hold meetings for religious worship again," the agency said in a statement.

He added that the implementation of this strategy is a responsibility shared by the Federation, the states and municipalities.

Google translation from Informador.

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