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UdeG recommends return of non-essential activities from June 1


The Health Situation Room indicates that we are still in a phase of growth in the number of infections, it is considered appropriate that there be a preparation phase

For two weeks, the University of Guadalajar (UdeG) has recommended that the phases for returning non-essential activities start from June 1, with a prior preparation phase. As they pointed out at the end of last month, May would be a critical month in terms of COVID-19 infections.

This Thursday, the Health Situation Room for the COVID-19 of the study house reiterated the recommendation "in order not to compromise the favorable results that Jalisco has obtained so far in managing the pandemic."

He considered it important to take a series of measures prior to the return of non-essential activities, such as the development of health protocols and their socialization among society. This is based on the scenarios presented through two epidemiological models: the so-called SEIR model (which considers the susceptible, exposed, infected and recovered population) and the REPLICA model, which includes variables such as mobility, business distribution, density of population, correct use of face masks, among others.

These variables allow us to glimpse a scenario in which the growth of infections is still manageable, taking into account the hospital infrastructure of Jalisco.

“Since we are still in a phase of growth in the number of infections, it is considered appropriate that there be a preparation phase. Once this stage is over, start with the gradual return from June, starting with a minimum percentage that allows the feasibility of a greater increase to be evaluated, ”indicated the Situation Room.

The governor said this Wednesday that on Monday, May 18, the reopening of certain non-essential businesses would begin with sanitary protocols to avoid a large number of infections. However, if he did not attend and see an increase, he warned that the isolation would return.

The Situation Room added that constant collaboration between the three spheres of government is important, with permanent monitoring of the transmission of the virus that, in the eventual detection of an unusual increase in the number of infections, facilitates decision-making to increase insulation measures.

But he also insisted on the need for rapid tests for use during the reopening process .

For its part, the State spokesperson indicated on social networks that this Phase is about implementing and fine tuning protocols and will last at least fifteen days. "There is absolute coincidence (with the UdeG)."

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