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Ultimatum given to isolate and curb coronavirus

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Mexicans have a "last chance" to stop the pandemic; the Ministry of Health urges not to leave home for a month

The call is strong: stay home. This was summarized by the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, the neglect that the Mexicans have made to the call not to go out into the street to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the country.

After confirming 848 positive cases of this disease, and 16 deaths, the federal official gave an ultimatum: This is "the last chance" to contain the virus.

"The only way to reduce transmission today is by staying in our houses, on a massive scale and for a period of one month," which is true on April 19.

"We must contribute to reduce the intensity of the pandemic. To the extent that we achieve mass immobilization executions, we will have benefits for all, because it contributes to reducing the transmission speed of this virus, which cannot be postponed, and we are faced with the only opportunity to do so. ”

The undersecretary regretted that, despite the measures, only in Mexico City mobility was reduced by just 30 percent. And in Guadalajara, the request for isolation made by the State Government was only maintained for the first five days. Yesterday more people and traffic were observed on the streets.

“We need all sectors: social, private and public to do it now, in an energetic way. Stay at home. If you don't stay, you and all of us, in the next few weeks we will have too many cases to attend to them, and that will lead to unfortunate outcomes. ”

Still, he emphasized that the federal government has not considered the possibility of mandatory confinement, or else, of calling the security forces to enforce social distancing measures, for which reason he reiterated the call for social responsibility.

The Governor of Hidalgo tests positive for coronavirus

Hidalgo Governor Omar Fayad became the highest-profile public servant in the country to contract coronavirus. He himself reported that he tested positive.

He assured that he will work from home and will direct the efforts to control the contingency for COVID-19 in his State.

Fayad was present at the morning press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ( AMLO ) on March 18. He did not detail since when he presented the symptoms of the disease.

Questioned about it, the Undersecretary for Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, stated that the President will not be tested because the contact he had with Fayad was when the virus was incubating in the governor's body.

Authorities reported that 848 positive cases of coronavirus, 16 deaths, 2,623 suspects and 4,341 negative were registered in the country.

López-Gatell reiterated that the only way to reduce transmission is to stay home for a month, a period that started on March 23 and would end on April 19. He explained that the country is in a phase in which infections are accelerating.

“The cases will continue to increase and there will be serious cases and deaths. What can be achieved is that the speed of contagion is retarded and, then, when we reach the phase of maximum transmission, hospitals have enough beds to be able to attend to those in need (those who are sick with COVID-19), ”said the undersecretary. of health.

The President insists on keeping his distance

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reiterated his call for Mexicans to maintain the "discipline" of avoiding unnecessary displacement, after an increase in cases and deaths linked to the pandemic.

"We need to continue conserving that discipline so that this epidemic does not overflow and that we can leave soon to reactivate the economy," said the President at a public event in Sonora.

He noted that officials from various state agencies are instructed to stay at their homes. "The President cannot withdraw", but in any public act he will keep his distance.

López Obrador has been characterized by hugging and kissing anyone who comes near him, but for days he stopped doing it and ordered that in his routine mass events, more than 100 people not be allowed to enter.

The President has been criticized for his response to the health emergency. "With his reckless disinterest in providing truthful information about the COVID-19 pandemic, he exposes the population of Mexico to grave dangers," Human Rights Watch (HRW) denounced this week.

They ask employers not to fire workers

After exhorting the population to stay at home to avoid COVID-19 infections, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked employers not to fire their workers, keep their wages and benefits, and compared this action "how to go to church , confess and receive Communion for 100 years ”.

In supervising the progress of public works in this border city, the President said that we are at a time when the solidarity of the business class is required, which he encouraged not only to think about the material.

"Solidarity is required and employers are responding, many, few are those who are already firing the worker: 'Go away, I can't hold you', although they can, but they don't do it out of greed," said President López Obrador.

He recognized that there are many entrepreneurs "with a social dimension" who are allowing their employees to be at home to avoid being infected, and assured that this pandemic will pass, "because we are acting responsibly and we rely on technicians, on scientists" he recognized.

Google translation from Informador.

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