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Up to 36 hours of arrest for leaving without justification

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One of the obligatory measures is the use of face masks for all people who are in any public space, in buildings or public transport.

Up to 36 hours of administrative arrest may be received by anyone who fails to comply with the mandatory social isolation measures announced by the State Government to prevent COVID-19 infections.

According to the agreement published by the governor in the Official State Newspaper , which comes into effect this Monday, those who do not heed the call to stay home, go out only to essential activities and wearing face masks on public roads, will be awarded the penalties established in the General and State Health Laws, which range from a warning to administrative arrest for 36 hours. The municipal authorities will be responsible for verifying compliance with sanitary security measures.

In the case of establishments that are engaged in essential activities that do not comply with the defined obligations and measures, they must be closed immediately, regardless of the other sanctions that may be applicable in the judgment of the competent municipal authority.

The document specifies that the use of face masks is mandatory for all people who are in any public space, in buildings or public transport; as well as in those establishments or turns that are dedicated to essential activities.

They warn that any person who is in the state territory, whether resident or passing through, must compulsorily comply with the domiciliary protection.

Strict mandatory confinement applies to groups at higher risk such as people over 60, pregnant or postpartum women, patients diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic heart or lung disease, immunosuppression, with kidney or liver failure.

All places, venues and establishments, public or private, where activities defined as essential are carried out, must adopt, at all times and in a mandatory manner, practices such as people must wash their hands frequently; when sneezing or coughing cover nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or forearm; do not greet with a kiss, a hand or a hug and maintain all the measures of healthy distance recommended by the health authorities.

The holding of events or meetings of more than 50 people , whether public, private or social, is prohibited . Any celebration related to patronal festivals, civic or community festivities of each region, municipality or locality of the State is suspended. Also the use of public spaces such as sports units, squares and gardens, cultural facilities, neighborhood or community centers.

The health security measures will be in force until May 17, although their application could be extended if necessary.

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