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Up to eight thousand deaths from coronavirus are estimated in Mexico


The country currently accumulates more than 10 thousand 500 cases and 970 deaths, and it is expected that the maximum peak of infections will take place between May 8 and 10

Mexican health authorities estimate that the COVID-19 pandemic will cause between six thousand to eight thousand deaths, the undersecretary of Prevention and Promotion of Health, Hugo López-Gatell , informed this Thursday .

In an interview at the National Palace, the most visible face of the fight against the pandemic in Mexico explained that in most countries between 50% and 80% of COVID-19 patients have died in intensive care.

Following this pattern, and calculating that in Mexico some 10,000 people will end up in these circumstances, "we would be talking about six thousand people, seven thousand or eight thousand people who could lose their lives."

Mexico currently accumulates more than 10 thousand 500 cases and 970 deaths, and the maximum peak of infections is expected to take place between May 8 and 10.

The maximum contagion phase (phase 3) was declared on Tuesday and the social distancing measures were extended until May 30.

At the peak of infections, the number of daily cases would double, reaching thousands of new cases every 24 hours, López-Gatell explained.

The doctor in Epidemiology recalled that among the official forecasts there are an estimated 250,000 sick people and "many more infected" but without presenting symptoms of the disease.

Half of these people - about 125 thousand - would go to medical attention and around 10 thousand 500 would require intensive therapy.

"These are figures that we maintain as a reference to guarantee the necessary resources to attend to," he said, although there is a margin and therefore work is being done to have up to 16,000 beds.

He added that in some parts of the country a point of "saturation" is being reached, such as in Mexico City or Tijuana , but he was confident that the existing hospital reconversion process will allow these 16,000 intensive care beds to be available, which In addition to the bed, they include a ventilator, monitor and medical personnel.

"At this moment we have practically reached this capacity by virtue of an agreement (with private hospitals), hospital reconversion, and the incorporation of military plans to support the civilian population, which gives us the capacity of these 16,000 beds", he pointed out.

Since the beginning of April, economic activities considered non-essential have been paralyzed in Mexico, while the Government urges the population to stay at home, although quarantine is not mandatory so as not to affect the more than 50 million poor people in the country.

The Mexican Government does not apply massive tests to the population and calculates, through a model of estimates called sentinel, that the number of patients in the country could be about nine times greater than that registered.

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