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Here's the governor's new speech, TRANSLATION courtesy of Paco Ojeda

• Millions of Jalisco citizens stayed home during the past five days. We should be proud.
• This is just the beginning of a resistance challenge, not a speed challenge.
• First results of the strategy are encouraging.
• Five days ago, Jalisco had the same number of cases as CDMX. In Jalisco, the number of cases did not increase as they did there, so we won’t impose obligatory quarantine (yet).
• We need to continue with these measures until Sunday.
• Monday we will appraise a new strategy based on testing in Jalisco.
• Stay home if you are over 60, pregnant women, or people with chronicle diseases (hypertension, diabetes, etc.)
• Workers that do go out must do so under the strictest hygiene conditions, as supervised by local authorities.
• Our economy cannot stop but health comes first.
• We need to shop locally to support small businesses.
• Ask for food to go.
• If you go shopping, go alone.
• If you’ll dine out, make sure that the restaurant you choose is abiding by clean conditions.
• Visiting Jalisco now puts everybody at risk, particularly if you come from the US. We love you and miss you, but stay home.
• Tonight, strategies to provide help for small and micro enterprises in Jalisco will be made available.
• Massive testing programs in Jalisco start tomorrow.
• We will not conceal our results. Quite the contrary. If our case number increases it will be because we are being proactive about testing.
• At the end of the day, the most important measure we can take is to commit to these guidelines.

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