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We have made the best decisions against the pandemic: López Obrador


The President warns that these days will be "the most painful" due to the number of deaths that will occur, especially in the Valley of Mexico area.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that his government has made "the best decisions" to face the COVID-19 pandemic, so that unlike other more developed countries, there are fewer deaths from the pandemic, but he warned that these days will be the most painful due to the number of deaths in the Valley of Mexico.

"These days are the most, most, most difficult, the most painful, these days especially for deaths"

In a video of more than 20 minutes broadcast through his social networks and recorded in the Moorish Hall of the National Palace, the head of the federal Executive pointed out that if the measures and recommendations made by specialists had not been followed, there would have been a crisis to end of March and beginning of April . Again, the President pointed out that there is an ongoing campaign against his government that is promoted by "foolish people" who, despite the emergency by COVID-19, want to maintain a privileged regime.

He also accused that there is "a season of buzzards" by the media, which he branded as yellows and alarmists.

"The means, the forms, the measures that have been taken to tame this pandemic, the recommendations that have been made by doctors, specialists, scientists, which have been generally good, very good decisions have been made and the best is that these recommendations have been respected by the people. Nationally, we have 60% of the beds available, this is very important, the projections made by technicians, doctors, scientists and the mathematicians. There we go, we are the highest in the Valley of Mexico, but we are going to start descending. "

"These days are the most, most, most difficult, the most painful, these days especially due to deaths. If we do not apply the measures, if we do not pay attention to the specialists, and the measures of withdrawing to our houses and carry out the healthy distance and take care of ourselves, we would have had a crisis in late March, early April, "said López Obrador.

Showing some graphs, the President commented: "If we compare, and I apologize, the country that has the most deaths, where they have lost the most to this pandemic, is Belgium, unfortunately, this per million inhabitants, so it has almost 15 times more dead than our country, in Spain 11 times more dead than ours; I apologize to the Spanish, and to the inhabitants of these countries, England 10 times more, France 10 times more, United States, our neighbors, five times more dead than in our country, Canada three times more, Brazil almost twice more. "

"Comparisons are not recommended, I do so because I want to send the message that we are acting responsibly, with professionalism , and that this that has been achieved despite the tragedy is through the conscious, responsible participation of our people", referred the President. "Look how many patients we would have had in intensive care, like 4,800; look what was achieved, this did not appear fortunately and this is the situation that is occurring, look at the great difference. How flattening the curve did work precautionary measures".

"But let's see this, when we would have been like this, here at the top, the pandemic we would not have had the number of enough beds because we had 3,552 beds with doctors, in January, so how would we need 4,800 we were going to having trouble caring for the seriously ill, "he added.

He pointed out that because the curve flattened, it gave time to have a greater capacity to treat infections and "now we only have 8,607 beds in the public sector, of course we have the possibility of treating all the sick." The President pointed out that there is an intensive care occupation of 39% of the beds; that is to say, "we have 3,417 women employed in the country, and we have 5,298 available throughout the Republic."

He noted that in the states with the highest number of infections are Baja California, with only 57% occupancy; in the case of Mexico City, 56% occupancy in intensive care, "that is, we have 43% availability of beds in Mexico City; Tlaxcala, which has very few cases, but in total we have 65 beds, for intensive therapy, we have an occupation of 67% we have 32 percent available ".

In the case of Tabasco, his native state, López Obrador accused that due to a relaxation that there was on the part of the population " it went out of the projected because there was a relaxation, countrymen, ay mojo maitro !, This is a situation that requires very careful , that we take care of ourselves and that's why there was a kind of rebound. It was good, but as the discipline relaxed and the number of confirmed cases rose, but I hope we will go down. "

While in the case of Sinaloa, the President indicated that it is a case of success in the behavior of the population and that it is already on its way out. "Of course you have to keep a healthy distance until the end of this month healthy distance and stay at home, not relax discipline," he said.

He reported that in the coming days Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, head of Public Education ( SEP ), will report on the places where they will be able to restart classes, based on the calculations and reports that are available. He indicated that his government will report the same for the productive activities of companies, and for the construction, automotive, and mining industries, "thinking that we have to link Mexico's actions with the United States, with Canada, to initiate the Free Trade Agreement, the new stage of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States and Canada on July 1, reactivate our economy, "he concluded.

Google translation from Informador.

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